New products about which extravagant claims are made seldom live up to their press releases – and then there’s the new drug: KYBELLA. It’s changing the field of facial and cosmetic surgery, treating a problem which bothers more adults than not, but for which there has been little treatment to offer. In April, 2015, the United States Food and Drug Administration approved the new drug for the treatment of submental fat (double chin). KYBELLA is identical to deoxycholic acid, a substance the body produces naturally, to aid in the digestion of fats consumed in the diet. Kybella is a “cytolytic” drug – it destroys the structure of cells. Prior to Kybella, liposuction was the only treatment available for double chins.

Submental fullness is a common, but rarely treated, aesthetic condition. It affects both men and women, influenced by aging, weight gain, and genetics. Unfortunately, diet, exercise, and weight loss will not affect it. Can help, but may not be enough.

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The American Society of Dermatologic Surgery (ASDA), in 2014, conducted a consumer survey. They reported that 68 percent of adults said that they were bothered by fatty fullness under the chin – as bothered as they were by lines and wrinkles under and around the eyes.

Kybella at The Naked Face Medspa

Jannelle Riguez A.R.N.P., describes the Kybella process. It starts with the most important appointment, your initial consultation. Jannelle Riguez A.R.N.P. stresses that careful patient selection is essential for achieving the desired results. She will determine if the procedure is suitable for you, and may discuss other treatment options. Jannelle Riguez A.R.N.P. will explain the Kybella double chin treatment process, tell you what you can (and cannot) expect, review potential side effects, and answer any questions you may have about the procedure.

For patient comfort, a topical or injectable local anesthetic is administered to the region for treatment. Jannelle Riguez A.R.N.P., uses a marking pen to draw a grid on the skin, which serves as a guide for the intended injections. Each square in the grid is injected with 0.2mL of Kybella, up to a total of 10mL per treatment session (up to 50 injections per appointment), spaced 1 cm apart. Each course of treatment consists of four to six visits, with at least a month between sessions. Patients begin to see the desired results after the first session, but may require two to four sessions for optimal results.

Are you a Candidate for Kybella

Although Kybella is approved for ages 18 – 65 years, not everyone in that age group is a candidate for successful treatment. Elasticity of the skin is essential for achieving the desired results. It’s a common misconception that the drug works by tightening the skin. Kybella exerts its effects on the fat cells under the skin, but the skin must be elastic enough to retract and adapt to cover a lesser volume of underlying fat. Some people lose elasticity in their skin long before age 65 years. Some others retain elasticity in their skin long after age 65 years, and are good candidates for the procedure.

Although Kybella decreases the number of fat cells under the chin, if a patient gains weight, the cells which remain can expand to accommodate more fat in each cell, recreating the double chin. Because Kybella is new, it remains to be seen what long-term results and effects, if any, can be expected.

Kybella is not the treatment of choice for people seeking quick results. For many patients who want to improve their appearance for an upcoming special event, liposuction is the treatment of choice. It can produce the desired results in about two months, not the four months for optimal results typical with Kybella.

Kybella Certified Jannelle Riguez A.R.N.P.

Equally as important as patient selection are the physician’s skill and experience. Jannelle Riguez A.R.N.P. states that the Kybella manufacturer is the first company, in his experience, to require practitioners to participate in the company’s training specific to administration of Kybella. Jannelle Riguez was among the few A.R.N.P.’s in the country selected by the manufacturer for its earliest training workshop.

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Here are some Kybella provided before and after pictures:

Un-retouched photos of clinical patient taken before and after treatment with KYBELLA®.